Are you ready for a trip back in time?

In love with the vintage fashion, a figure of the rockabilly scene and above all model for many brands, Liz Chérie is the most famous French pin-up!


Liz Cherie, blond curls, a cinched waist and a mouth that wants to be red 24/24 ... the fifties are booming! Do you want to have a trip back in times?! Meeting with this Pin-up escaped from the pages of an old magazine found in your attic!


With her pictures, you go back straight into the imagery of the 50s, tinted with humor and lightness, alternately mischievous and sparkling, or with that small side "vamp" you find in the hollywood old polar movies, mesmerizing, mysterious and deeply glamorous ...


Her passion for Hollywood movies was the determining element who made her switch in the fifties ... it was like a wave that carried her away, and she's never came back! Her passion for this golden era became thereafter a way of life for Liz, authentic and timeless ...

Her retro style, that she cultivates on stage as to town, allows its presence to give a glamorous charm to any event in which she participates.


Many brands and event organizers were able to see the strengths that represent this original and passionate artist who has imposed itself as a reference. A real breath of fresh air so nice in these times of gloom that is sure to reach you!

Discover Liz Cherie... through her work!


Liz Cherie is also... an online shop!


This Pin-up straight out of the 50s had to be able to be “pin” to the wall … for real!

Discover the products available on her online shop, and also distributed in specialized shops:

Stickers cut to the shape of her figure, like the old decals of Pin-up, treated for outdoor use, and also signed photos and a calendar!

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