Are you ready for a trip back in the fifties?

Liz Cherie, high heels, red lips, cinched waist, wiggle hips… Original babe! Do you want to have a trip back in the fifties?! Let’s discover this Pin-up escaped from the pages of an old magazine found in your attic!

By her pictures, let's go straight back into the wonderful imagery of the 50s !
The Pin-up refers to a kind of nostalgia, the feeling that it was better before… she carries an image of quality, de glamour et de classe, et aussi de fraîcheur, de joie et d'optimisme!
Passages TV, events and backstage videos to discover more about Liz. A tasty-licious dive into her retro world
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Le fille que vous pouvez épingler à votre mur ... pour de vrai! Treat yourself with goodies, collectibles, photos dédicacées, ...avec une baiser de rouge à lèvre ! Un petit aperçu de mon univers glamour!

Amoureuse de la mode vintage,

well known in the rockabilly field and model for many brands,

Liz Cherie est la pin up francaise la plus celebre!

By her pictures, you dive straight back into the imagery of the 50s, tinted with humor, tour a tour espiegle et petillante, or with that «vamp» attitude from the old Hollywood polar movies, hypnotisant, mysterieux et profondement glamour …

Her passion for Hollywood movies was what she made her switch into the fifties . Son engouement pour cette epoque doree est devenu par la suite un veritable mode de vie pour Liz, authentique et intemporelle …

Son look retro, that she wear on everyday life as on stage, gives to any event in which she participates a real retro and glamorous charm.

Many brands and events organizers have been able to see the strengths of this original and passionate artist who has imposed itself as a reference. A fresh breeze, so nice in these times of gloom, which will reach you for sure!

Beat Beat Generation by Christophe Merviel, make-up by Coka Maquilleuse