Discover Liz Cherie …in advertising !

The Pin-up refers to a certain kind of nostalgia. It carries a colourful image of quality, glamour, class and also freshness, joy and optimism!

Although Pin-up is imagery from the past, it remains timeless. Brands associate their image with Liz Cherie’s one to stand out while staying in the spirit of the times, as the retro is really trendy as well!
Many brands have been able to see the potential that represents this original and passionate artist who has established herself as a reference.

The face of the fashion brand Mamaliscious (French brand)

The face of the cosmetic brand Glamourflage for France (Australian brand)

The face of a french Beer and Sodas brand: PIN UP BEER

The face of a french lingerie brand: LE BOUDOIR DE MARIE

Some others advertising jobs


Kustom culture / Cars / Motos :

  • The French VW bus Meeting 2014 (Europeen VW meeting-FR) Pin up
  • Kustom Show- American Tours 2013 (Festival-FR) Pin up
  • Le Mans Classic 2012 (Classic car race- FR) Pin up
  • Hot Rod & Kustom Show 2012 (Kustom event – BE) Pin up
  • Automedon 2012-2013-2014 (Retro car trade fair – FR) Pin up & poster for the event
  • Moto Legende 2011 (Motorcycle trade fair – FR) Pin up

Rockabilly Festivals:

  • Bethune Retro #8, 9 & 10(Festival – FR) Hostess
  • Tattoo Kustom Show #6 & 7 (Festival – FR) Hostess, Pin up & Runway
  • Drive In Barn #6 (Festival – BE) Pin up, giving the rewards
  • Rocking Mery #1 (Festival – FR) Pin up & Runway


  • Virgin Megastore (showcase & book signing – FR) Pin up
  • Wagram (Music CD) Model & voices
  • Taschen (book signing -FR) Pin up
  • Tamron (Salon de la photo) Pin up
  • Sailor Jerry (Brand of Rum – FR/ USA) Hostess & Photocall
  • Pin-up Beer (Beer and soda compagnie) Spookmodel on the bootles
  • Serial Kombi (VW auto parts-FR) Spookmodel and signing sessions
  • 3D Lized (Cinema) Actress
  • Tommy’s Diner (50’s Diner Restaurants-FR) On the card
  • HD Diner (50’s Diner Restaurants – FR) Hostess
  • West Forever ( Motorcycle tour – FR/USA) Hostess & Photocall
  • Pleaserama (Web application) Actress
  • Souterrain Porte VI (Festival – Nancy, FR) Pin up
  • Falbalas (Vintage Shop) Runway
  • Mamzelle Swing (Vintage Shop) Runway
  • Casablanca (Vintage Shop) Runway

Clothing & Accessories  Compagnies:

  • Vente (FR-USA) Model
  • Warson Motors (Clothing – SWT) Model
  • Betty Page (Clothing – USA) Model
  • Ace Geneva (DeLuxe Jewelry – SWT) Model
  • Le Boudoir de Marie (Lingerie and Clothing – FR) Model
  • Mamaliscious (Clothing) Model
  • Glitter Paradise (Jewelry – FR/ USA) Model
  • Reckless Ones (Rockabilly Band – USA) Model
  • The Spunyboys (Rockabilly Band-FR) Model
  • Lily’s rock (Clothing) Model & Runway
  • Lily Verda (Clothing) Model
  • Taga (Clothing) Runway
  • Mimibike (Children Clothing) Advert
  • Sophisticated Lady (Accessories) Model
  • Les Corsets de Montmartre (Corset) Runway
  • Les Petits Chapeaux de Miss Botero (Accessories) Runway
  • Arorgwen Dentelle (Accessories) Runway


  • Glamourflage (Australia) Model


  • Pure Vintage (Magazine-FR) Spookmodel
  • Cafe Racer (Magazine-FR) Pin up
  • Rod & Kustom (Magazine-FR) Pin up

Events / Parties :

  • Mode City (Lingerie trade show – FR) Model
  • Cinepuce (vintage market and event – FR) Runway
  • Marche des antiquaires St Ouen (Runway – FR) Runway
  • Paris Flying Festival (Dance festival – FR) Hostess
  • La Glitter Fever (Burlesque events – FR) Runway
  • Burlesque Klub (Burlesque events – FR) Pin up
  • Paname Burlesque Revues (Burlesque events – FR) Runway
  • Bal Swings (Retro events – FR) Runway
  • Pin Up O’Rama #1, 2 & 3 (Retro events – FR) Hostess
  • Baronne’s Ballroom – Balpaname (Retro events – FR) Model & Runway
  • Dr Sketchy ( Art school drawing – FR) Model
  • Wonder Vintage Market (Vintage market – FR) Hostess
  • Foire de Limay (Fair) Poster of the event