Discover Liz Cherie …  in advertising !

The Pin-up refers to a certain kind of nostalgia, the feeling that life was better before … so she carries an image of quality, glamor and class,

and also freshness, joy and optimism !

Although this is a dated imaging, Pin-up remains timeless. Brands associate their image with Liz Cherie’s one to stand out while staying in spirit of the times, as the retro is really trendy as well !
Many brands have been able to see the strengths that represent this original and passionate artist who has established herself as a reference.

I’m the egery of the fashion brand Mamaliscious (French brand)

I am the face of the cosmetic brand Glamourflage for France (Australian brand)

I was the Egery of a french Beer and Sodas brand: PIN UP BEER

I was the egery of a french lingerie brand: LE BOUDOIR DE MARIE

Some others advertising jobs <3


Kustom culture / Cars / Motos :

  • The French VW bus Meeting 2014 (Europeen VW meeting-FR) Pin up
  • Kustom Show- American Tours 2013 (Festival-FR) Pin up
  • Le Mans Classic 2012 (Classic car race- FR) Pin up
  • Hot Rod & Kustom Show 2012 (Kustom event – BE) Pin up
  • Automedon 2012-2013-2014 (Retro car trade fair – FR) Pin up & poster for the event
  • Moto Legende 2011 (Motorcycle trade fair – FR) Pin up

Rockabilly Festivals:

  • Bethune Retro #8, 9 & 10(Festival – FR) Hostess
  • Tattoo Kustom Show #6 & 7 (Festival – FR) Hostess, Pin up & Runway
  • Drive In Barn #6 (Festival – BE) Pin up, giving the rewards
  • Rocking Mery #1 (Festival – FR) Pin up & Runway


  • Virgin Megastore (showcase & book signing – FR) Pin up
  • Wagram (Music CD) Model & voices
  • Taschen (book signing -FR) Pin up
  • Tamron (Salon de la photo) Pin up
  • Sailor Jerry (Brand of Rum – FR/ USA) Hostess & Photocall
  • Pin-up Beer (Beer and soda compagnie) Spookmodel on the bootles
  • Serial Kombi (VW auto parts-FR) Spookmodel and signing sessions
  • 3D Lized (Cinema) Actress
  • Tommy’s Diner (50’s Diner Restaurants-FR) On the card
  • HD Diner (50’s Diner Restaurants – FR) Hostess
  • West Forever ( Motorcycle tour – FR/USA) Hostess & Photocall
  • Pleaserama (Web application) Actress
  • Souterrain Porte VI (Festival – Nancy, FR) Pin up
  • Falbalas (Vintage Shop) Runway
  • Mamzelle Swing (Vintage Shop) Runway
  • Casablanca (Vintage Shop) Runway

Clothing & Accessories  Compagnies:

  • Vente (FR-USA) Model
  • Warson Motors (Clothing – SWT) Model
  • Betty Page (Clothing – USA) Model
  • Ace Geneva (DeLuxe Jewelry – SWT) Model
  • Le Boudoir de Marie (Lingerie and Clothing – FR) Model
  • Mamaliscious (Clothing) Model
  • Glitter Paradise (Jewelry – FR/ USA) Model
  • Reckless Ones (Rockabilly Band – USA) Model
  • The Spunyboys (Rockabilly Band-FR) Model
  • Lily’s rock (Clothing) Model & Runway
  • Lily Verda (Clothing) Model
  • Taga (Clothing) Runway
  • Mimibike (Children Clothing) Advert
  • Sophisticated Lady (Accessories) Model
  • Les Corsets de Montmartre (Corset) Runway
  • Les Petits Chapeaux de Miss Botero (Accessories) Runway
  • Arorgwen Dentelle (Accessories) Runway


  • Glamourflage (Australia) Model


  • Pure Vintage (Magazine-FR) Spookmodel
  • Cafe Racer (Magazine-FR) Pin up
  • Rod & Kustom (Magazine-FR) Pin up

Events / Parties :

  • Mode City (Lingerie trade show – FR) Model
  • Cinepuce (vintage market and event – FR) Runway
  • Marche des antiquaires St Ouen (Runway – FR) Runway
  • Paris Flying Festival (Dance festival – FR) Hostess
  • La Glitter Fever (Burlesque events – FR) Runway
  • Burlesque Klub (Burlesque events – FR) Pin up
  • Paname Burlesque Revues (Burlesque events – FR) Runway
  • Bal Swings (Retro events – FR) Runway
  • Pin Up O’Rama #1, 2 & 3 (Retro events – FR) Hostess
  • Baronne’s Ballroom – Balpaname (Retro events – FR) Model & Runway
  • Dr Sketchy ( Art school drawing – FR) Model
  • Wonder Vintage Market (Vintage market – FR) Hostess
  • Foire de Limay (Fair) Poster of the event