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Aloha !!! Me voici un peu de retour sur le blog… ! La reprise de mes études l’année dernière a vraiment accaparé tout mon temps, me voici maintenant diplômée ( graphiste webmaster) mais au final, je suis encore très prise pour le moment avec ma nouvelle activité. Mais mes passions sont oh combien toujours très…

Double Trouble Dame Part 2

Double Trouble Dame Part 2

D for Deliquent… D for Danger…D for Double Trouble Dame! The murder story continues… The hottest trap a guy ever fell into… Mamaliscious proudly introduce her new collection developed in collaboration with Miss Liz Cherie. Through this collection, we lead you in the film noir’s world of the 50s, Pulp and Murder, DANGEROUS GALS and…

double trouble dame

Double Trouble Dame

She can give you anything but death…sweet murder baby! The new *Double Trouble Dame* collection by Mamaliscious brings you face to face with fear… « Mamaliscious proudly introduce her new collection developed in collaboration with Miss Liz Cherie. Through this collection, we lead you in the world of the « film noir » of the 50s, Pulp and Murder,…

la bella vita

La Bella Vita

Like a travel diary, we choose to set the summer/ autumn collection of Mamaliscious Take care of Business like a trip around the world. For Autumn, the destination my heart guided me to was Roma! I really fell in love with this city, unique in the world, so romantic, charming and full of amazing historical vestiges. The Dolce Vita mood…

Palm Springs Paradise by Manon Pello for Mamaliscious Clothing

Palm Springs Paradise

Brrrr…. winter is here! Cold, sneeze, wind…Besides that, December is one of my favourite moment of the year, because I’m so much in love with all that kitsch Xmas things… those colourful lights sparkling on the Christmas tree, the smell of an orange & cinnamon tea, with a slice of yummy gingerbread <3 How can…


See you later alligator!

My girl Manon Pello and I are happy to introduce now the second part of the new collection of Mamaliscious I have chosen to set this collection like a vintage vogue summer trip around the world. The first part was taken place in a jazzy club in New York, and this second one in a…

My Baby just care by Manon Pello for Mamaliscious clothing

Jazzy night in NYC…Mamaliscious new collection part 1

It’s not always easy to live in the past, I feel not really interested in actual fashion. Thanks god, we have some great reproduction companies who give their best to create some amazing clothes. I am proud to represent the image of the French brand Mamaliscious for her new collection. We have shared a lot…

hot chocolate

Introducing… Glamourflage!

C’est avec une immense joie que je vous dévoile enfin toutes les photos pour la marque de cosmétiques délicieusement rétro GLAMOURFLAGE! J’ai l’honneur d’être devenue le visage de la marque pour la France, c’est un vrai plaisir de représenter une marque de produits aussi agréables à  utiliser qu’à  regarder! Des soins de qualité, faits  base de…

Wild Woman by Manon Pello

Wild Woman

Hi guys! Hope everyone is enjoying that winter is coming to an end! I was so impatient to feel again the warmth of the sun on my face… but there it is! I would like to end the long silence without posting here (I do a lot on my Facebook page, and even more on my Instagram:…

Miss Brown to you by Manon Pello

Miss Brown to you

*Miss Brown To You* (Billie Holliday song) Get your day with style…leopard style! Photos by Manon Pello Earrings by Glitter Paradise In the old streets of Toulouse in march <3