It’s not always easy to live in the past, I feel not really interested in actual fashion. Thanks god, we have some great reproduction companies who give their best to create some amazing clothes.

I am proud to represent the image of the French brand Mamaliscious for her new collection. We have shared a lot for the elaboration, and Suzy called it « Take Care of Business »

Suzy Mamaliscious begins her career in fashion in the eighties. She always was inspired by the Hollywood icons of the golden age, the lines of the new look fashion, and besides that, the Chola culture. Her love for the lowriders car culture led her to the car upholstery for a moment. But her creative mind quickly needs more space to express… that’s why she creates her own clothing brand: Mamaliscious was born!

For her talent, style and personality, Mamaliscious was chosen this year to be in the French adaptation of the TV show runway project, Projet Fashion on D8.

My girl Manon Pello and I are happy to introduce now the first part of the new collection. I have chosen to set it like a « vintage vogue » summer trip around the world. The first part takes place in a jazzy club in New York… alors bon voyage!

(The shopping links are at the end of this post, the prices too)


Photos: Manon Pello at the Fat Cat bar (Toulouse, 4 rue Rémusat)

The new collection of Mamaliscious is not on her website yet, but the items are available. You can order them, just write her a message!

The Lily’s gold Dress

Dress by Mamaliscious (mamaliscious online shop) 159 euros

Turban & pineapple hairflower: Viva Dulce Marina (shop on etsy)

Tutti fruity earrings: Poison of choice (shop on esty)

Bamboo bangles: Lady Luck’s Boutique (lady luck’s boutique link)






The Jungle Jane Dress

Dress by Mamaliscious (mamaliscious online shop) 169 euros

Nylon gloves: cervin Paris (cervin website)

Earrings are vintage





The Ginger

The Shanghai Gesture…ready for a new style?

Top, Capri trousers and big belt by Mamaliscious (mamaliscious online shop) 180 euros

Orchid hair flower: Sophisticated lady hair flower (shop on Etsy)

Brooch: Luxulite (luxulite esty shop)





I hope you enjoy this new collection as much as I do!

Stay tuned for the next part of the collection, where could we go this time for our trip around the world?

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With Love,