Pleaserama…the app!missliz

ARE  YOU  R E A D Y  ???

Ok! Let’s introduce PLEASERAMA !!!!


Pleaserama: Be notified about your mailboxes activity with a glamour touch

This notification application, the most glamorous in the world, is right now available!
The team of Pleaserama and Miss Liz Cherie invite you to visit to discover and download it.

I can hear that you have some questions … but what is Pleaserama?

Pleaserama is a computer app for Mac OSX and Windows that warns you when your receive emails.
A pinup from the 50s (well… it is me!) walks thru your desktop, doing the show and showing you the number of new unread emails that you have in your inbox.
You can choose your pinup among 3 themes.
The first one is offered with the application. You will need to purchase the 2 others.

You can connect several email accounts, each one with a different pinup! Each one provides more than 15 differen t mini shows!!!

All our Pinups


Welcome aboard with the prettiest sailor girl and sail toward the oceans of blissfulness.

This refreshing theme is offered to you by Pleaserama. Just download the app and you’ll get it.


Aloha !
Surfing the internet won’t make you sweat. But our Hawaii Bikini Beauty Theme surely will.

Playing the ukulele, resting in the sun, shells, monoy oil, here is our drastic program to make you feel good.

ONLY FOR 1,99 euros!!!


Desperate ?
Hell no ! but « delicate » for sure.

Feel like home wherever you may roam …
with our Delicate Housewife theme and keep your desktop sweet and clean, thanks to her unique glamour touch.

ONLY FOR 2,49 euros !!!

 This app and all text and designs are developed by two great guys: Cyrille Cartot & Cedric Houvenagel.

Courtesy of pleaserama to be featured here on my website, please don’t use their designs without asking! But feel free to speak about the app on your blog or website, we will thank you a lot for that! With all our love,

Liz Cherie and the Pleaserama team