My girl Manon Pello and I are happy to introduce now the second part of the new collection of Mamaliscious

I have chosen to set this collection like a vintage vogue summer trip around the world. The first part was taken place in a jazzy club in New York, and this second one in a peaceful garden in Japan… Alors bon voyage!

I am proud to represent the image of the French brand Mamaliscious for her new collection. We have shared a lot for the elaboration, and Suzy called it Take Care of Business

Suzy Mamaliscious begins her career in fashion in the eighties. She always was inspired by the Hollywood icons of the golden age, the lines of the new look fashion, and besides that, the Chola culture. Her love for the lowriders car culture led her to the car upholstery for a moment. But her creative mind quickly need more space to express that why she creates her own clothing brand: Mamaliscious was born!

For her talent, style and personality, Mamaliscious was choosen this year to be in the French adaptation of the TV show runway project, Projet Fashion on D8.

Let’s introduce the first outfit:

(shopping links at the end of this post, and the prices too)

IMG_8830 IMG_8879

-Photos: Manon Pello
-High waisted short Las Vegas with watermelon print and 1940 turban in the same print: Mamaliscious
-Brooch: Luxulite
-Square bamboo earrings: Lady Luck’s Boutique
-Blouse is vintage

-Red hot red lipstick: Besame Cosmetics


IMG_8870 IMG_8880

The second outfit is a reinterpretation of the pink outfit Marilyn wore in the movie Seven Years Itch.

I have worn it in a black and Hawaiian print version for the first shooting in the jazzy club, do you remember it? Now let’s discover it in another colour, a beautiful light green, and the top in a closed version.


-Photo: Manon Pello
-Ginger top and Capri in green by Mamaliscious
-Earrings: Summer Blue Jewelry
-« red hot red » lipstick: Besame Cosmetics

IMG_8808 IMG_8798 IMG_8791

The last one, for this time, it’s an awesome dress called Sherry. She has this vibrant watermelon graphic print, so vintage! And so pleasant to wear! Can’t get enough of this dress, elegant, classy, original… a dream for every vintage lover girl <3


IMG_8759color IMG_8727

I made some close up pictures of the accessories, to see them better… because they deserve it!

IMG_1121 IMG_1119

Clothing are creations of Mamaliscious (the items are not yet online, contact her to order)

Dress Sherry 149 euros short Las Vegas 90 euros turban or belt 50 euros Ginger pale green top and Capri 180euros

Bamboo square earrings: Lady Luck’s Boutique

Watermelon brooch: Luxulite

Seahorse earrings: Summer Blue Jewelry

IMG_0135 IMG_1116

Some details of the Mamaliscious item, and flower earrings and brooch, those are vintage, from my personal collection. I adore them!

I would like to share with you something else. I always find my inspiration for my shootings in a picture, an outfit, an atmosphere, the colours…. To create the story of this Japanese trip for Mamaliscious, these 2 beautiful pictures whisper me the inspiration:

11667883_614892968651722_783011917_n IMG_9569

I hope you enjoy this new collection as much as I do!

Stay tuned for the next part of the collection, where could we go this time for our trip around the world?

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With Love,