Hi guys! Hope everyone is enjoying that winter is coming to an end! I was so impatient to feel again the warmth of the sun on my face… but there it is!

I would like to end the long silence without posting here (I do a lot on my Facebook page, and even more on my Instagram: let’s join!) by showing you two different shootings I’ve done with my friend Manon Pello.

We have done a really vintage vogue style, with a new treasure I found, a fabulous vintage leopard coat from the end of the fifties. In the streets of Toulouse… such a nice city! I enjoy myself a lot living here! See the pics on the post name *Miss Brown to you*

And then, we do it again last Wednesday, at my home this time. A different set, more intimist, and sexier too! We call it *Wild Woman*

Let’s enjoy it!!!

With love,